One of the largest scientific and technological challenges in the security domain today is the development of forensic systems aiming at a fast crime scene investigation on-site as a result of an IED attack. For the law enforcement services there is at present an urgent need for forensic tools that contribute to the rapid investigation providing the police with early and reliable forensic evidence.

Stockholm bomb

Stockholm bomb


The most important and concrete contributions from the HYPERION system with respect to the complex task of analysing a post-blast scene are:


  • A rapid and reliable first part of the forensic investigation


  • Selective data that provides the type and amount of explosive used


  • Forensic data transferred directly to the police on-site


  • A guide for assessing a crime scene of an IED explosion


  • Novel forensic sampling methods providing information on e.g. the type of IED


  • High-quality forensic evidence that is documented so it can be used in a trial.


HYPERION - a realistic vision

The consortium consists of participants from several of the leading research and development organizations in Europe in their respective field. They all agree that the technology required to make the HYPERION system real does exist what is left is for HYPERION to combine these techniques. The project will be ended with a final validation using the total chain of forensic procedures developed in HYPERION on a post-blast area where an IED of significant charge size has been detonated. An unexploded IED will also be present at the post-blast scene.


Look out for the final demonstration in 2015!


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